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The theatrical release poster for "Avengers: Endgame". The characters depicted are seen on a starry background.

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      According to directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Downey is the only actor to have won every movie. Theatrical writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely knew that Stark's death was inevitable both "as a walk" in self-sacrifice "and as the end of the first" chapter "of Stark. fighting for it ... They got married, had a baby, it was fun. Good death. i feel miserable. Sounds like a hero, a finished life.  Joe Russo explained that Stark" always knew he was going to die because he would never be able to reconcile the idea of ​​not defending the universe, "adding that Stark was the most insulting of the Avengers since" Stark was the most terrifying ... because of his heart. " The Russo sought Downey's approval of Stark's conspiracy, which they had done since Captain America's Civil War (2016).
    Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America:
    Markus described Rogers as a man who "moved to a certain kind of enlightened entertainment." Both he and McFeely knew he would find "dance" promised Peggy Carter to Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), and McFeely, "He postponed his life to fulfill his mission. That's why I didn't think we would kill him. Because that's not an arc. , I finally got to put my shield down because I had found that. "[7] Patrick Gorman gave the clue set by the elderly Steve Rogers.
    Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk:
    In the film, Banner was able to balance both sides with gamma testing, which enabled him to combine his intelligence with Hulk's strength and physical strength, [12] based on the ownership of the "Professor Hulk" comic book. [13] Compared to other heroes, frustrated by their defeat by Thanos, Banner is the only character who remained hopeful, with Anthony Russo explaining, "Banner is the only character who invented a bright new future, trying to create something completely new and discover something completely new ... Banner he is the most heroic in the sense that he keeps his will to keep trying. "[14] This concludes the character set up at Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and continued Avengers: Infinity War. [15]
    Chris Hemsworth as Thor: [16]
    Thor now has a mysterious ax known as the Stormbreaker, after the demolition of his hammer, Mjolnir, at Thor: Ragnarok. [17] In the film, Thor has become the obese, drunken dictator of Asgard refugees in T√łnsberg, Norway. Commenting on the dramatic change of character, Hemsworth said, "I was just having an idea. I wanted to do something different this time. Every film I wanted to make, especially, the last couple, and they were there," he added, "We shot for hours and days discussing how to push (Thor) and what. we can do it differently. " [18] Anthony Russo added, "While there is a lot of fun to have in his movie situation, it's not stupid. It's a sign of where he is at the character level, and we think it's one of his most respected things. I mean, it's a normal way to respond to stress and pain." 19 Thor's story was his favorite, saying, "Part of Chris' magic as a comedian is his dedication to the character's depth of level of determination ... It is deceptive and contradictory when jokes come from a place of complete commitment and complexity of emotions." [20] make-up, which also required her to wear a large artificial suit; call yourself "Lebowski Thor" on the set. [21] Initially, Thor had to return to his "cutting" position in the middle of the Endgame, but Hemsworth succeeded in resisting and retaining Thor's new body.    Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow:
    At the beginning of the film, Romanoff goes on to instruct several teams from the Avengers' galaxy galaxy, described by Joe Russo for his failure to overcome their failure to stop Thanos, saying, "he does his best to try and hold the community together ... He's still a wall keeper." [23] that Romanoff sacrificed Barton to get Soul Stone to bring back everyone, Joe Russo said it was a big part of the topic exploring the desire for self-sacrifice, compared to the desire to defend in Infinity War; he says, "When he gets to that [Soul Stone] incident, I think he understands that the only way to get the community back is to make sacrifices."  McFeely said, "His journey, in our minds, is over if he can bring back the Avengers. He comes from an abusive, scary, mind-altering institution, so when he gets to Vormir and has the opportunity to bring back the family, that's something he can sell. For." [7] In preparation for the film, Johansson received a strenuous exercise program, which included plyometrics, lifting weights at the Olympics, and exercises, as well as time-limited diets, all under the guidance of his longtime coach, Eric Johnson, with whom he had worked since Iron Man 2. (2010), a film that introduces his character. [24]
    Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye:     McFeely described Barton's black twist as "a good example of people who had very strong stories behind Snap." [7] The cold opening of the film, which reveals the disintegration of the Barton family, was originally supposed to be in the Infinity War following Thanos' summary; however, it was moved to Endgame instead, Markus explained that "it will determine the brutality of what [Thanos] did." [7] Joe Russo heard that "it is a very sad situation to open a movie about it. For a few scenes in th

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