How to get free robux easy 2021?

Here is your answer on how to get free robux easy 2021, how to get free robux so read all about free robux and earn smart points.


So how to get free robux?



Just to clarify: robux generators mainly do not work.

The best way to get robux for free, is to join a collection of group with some basic group fund. Say you have got a set that makes clothing known as “a clothing organization”. If their institution makes robux off of shirts, pants or t-shirts that they made, the organization gets group funds (roblox takes 30% of the robux humans spent on the merchandise). 


Then everyone with permission can take that robux and supply it to a person within the group. The robux within the institution is known as “organization price range” (funds from groups).

To make this story quick, you could get robux from a group collection if they have robux within the group organization, called group funds.


This a part of the answer on how to get free robux so keep on reading.

To distribute the free robux group fund

One element to understand, you could want a certain rank in a set as a way to do this.

Under the group section visit organization group admin>payouts. After, you can pick out to make a one time payout (where you give robux to a person simply this once) or a recurring payout (wherein you insert a percentage to usually go to a person). 


The consumer or in simple words the group user should be inside the group. Once you made your choice, pick out the user you need to make the payout to, and comply with the instructions!


Facts on how to get free robux you must know

As a help guide we would like to tell you some facts about how to get free robux.
There are some basic ways to get "Free robux" but it’s almost actually hard/impossible.

A. Free Giveaway.
B. Using Survey sites.
C. Well in General Making roblox shirts if you’re skilled.
D. Using and Making roblox games. (Must be skill in developing)

Fact check on the downsides of trying to get free robux


As lot of us look on to how to get free robux here are some of the basic downsides that you need to know about.

A. Actually It’s PURE luck to win the main giveaways, most are absolute fake and the real ones are super hard like very hard to win.

B. There are some bad buggy and real sites that allow you to take the surveys that don’t mainly ask for your password or any verification. But It’s usually very very low paying and a huge waste of time to see which is legit and which is not.

C. You have to have a kind of Premium to have a group and make some shirts. Meaning you have to find other user, someone who is willing to upload your handmade shirt and give you some kinda money. Alot of times people actually scam you in this way.

D. You don’t have to have Premium to make games but most games don’t literally make any kind of money. You either have to do some kind of basic meme games or have to be very highly experienced in developing new ones or just get very very lucky to get picked up by some robux popular youtuber.


The Don'ts you need to know about while trying to get free robux


 On your search on how to get free robux below are the things that you should not do at all :


 Don’t at all enter your main email account details anywhere.

 Don’t play the fake “Free Robux” games, they can easily steal your Robux. 


 Don’t try to get or download any sketchy and fake applications, don’t download any “Free RobuxHack/Generator”s,  don’t use or download any “Account Stealers”, just rememebr that you don’t download anything that is related to a FREE ROBLOX and us actually not distributed by ROBLOX.


Check the url and make sure its of real roblox. If it’s not the main ROBLOX Player or the ROBLOX Studio, it’s probably a fake thing and pure scam.


Don’t try to use or download any injectors/hacks for ROBLOX or you can be banned.


If someone asks you for any types of cookies in your browser, don’t give the permission to them. Especially if it is called the “.ROBLOSECURITY” cookie.


Don’t install any type of free or paid extensions that you don’t fully trust.


If you go to a free robox website, and it asks for any codes of any sort to “verify” your account or give you mainly free Robux, don’t give them your main code. They can usually can and will steal your Robux.

We have listed everything we could although just stay safe while your hunt for free robux.

So this is all on how to get free robux, we will keep updating this article on how to get free robux safely.

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