What is the full form and meaning of BSDK in Hindi?


The meaning of BSDKE  in hindi is BHOSDIKE.


Meaning of BSDKE and full form in hindi is BHOSDIKE which is made up of two main words BHOSDI which means a prostitue or whore and the simple word KE means someone who is mainly related to that person so bhosdike in short means husband of a prostitiue or whore. 


BSDKE full form in hindi is BHOSDIKE that is an abusive word. But very often it is used in a friendly manner between two or more friends.


Never offend others if you don't mean to hurt someone.


Hindi Translation of full form of BSDKE in Hindi

Meaning of BSDK in hindi matlab BHOSDIKE है जो दो मुख्य शब्दों BHOSDI से बना है जिसका अर्थ है एक वेश्या या वेश्या और सरल शब्द KE का अर्थ है कोई ऐसा व्यक्ति जो मुख्य रूप से उस व्यक्ति से संबंधित है इसलिए भोसडिके संक्षेप में एक वेश्या या वेश्या का पति है।  


BSDKE full form in hindi  में BHOSDIKE है जो एक अपमानजनक शब्द है। लेकिन बहुत बार इसका इस्तेमाल दो या दो से अधिक दोस्तों के बीच मैत्रीपूर्ण तरीके से किया जाता है।


Bhosdike सबसे अच्छे दोस्तों के बीच एक अपमानजनक शब्द विनिमय है। बीएसडीके - भोएसडीके मुझे लगता है कि मुझे इसे और अधिक समझाने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। आप सभी लोग समझने में काफी समझदार हैं .


When to use the word Bhosdike?


BSDK full form in hindi as we told you is bhosdike and this word is used majorly in India by every guy.


The intent behind the use of this word is to humiliate others. 


The use of BSDK word in Bollywood 


BSDK  or Bhosdike is highly used in many of the B grade and A grade bollywood movies :


For example Delhi Belly had a full song on bhosidke.


Delhi Belly was a 2011 Indian action comedy film written by the famous Akshat Verma and directed by cool Abhinay Deo. 


It stars Imran Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Vir Das, Poorna Jagannathan and Shenaz Treasurywala. It is a Hinglish-language film, with seventy percent of the dialogue in English and thirty percent in Hindi.


The film was produced by superstar Aamir Khan Productions and UTV Motion Pictures. The theatrical trailer of the film premiéred with Aamir Khan's super hit satire film Dhobi Ghat on 21 January 2011 while the film was released on 1 July 2011, along with a Hindi dubbed version.


The films has an 'A' certificate for its profanity, intense violence and sexual content.


So now you know the meaning of BSDK in hindi.


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